all the news 2021!!

There are many news that the new wonderful incoming season will bring us!! Many new boats!!

In Ciutadella all motor boats are renewed with the new Tramontana series! Four new models from 6.05 meters up to 7.30 meters with capacity up to 9-10 people.

From Ciutadella, thanks to these fast boats, you can choose to visit the most beautiful beaches on the south coast, including the farthest ones, or opt for the wildest and most lonely beaches on the north coast, depending on the weather conditions!

Also in Fornells the fleet is growing with 4 motor boats available and capacity increased up to 8 people!

From Fornells with these boats it is possible to visit in a day both the most famous coves of the north-west coast, such as Cavalleria, Pregonda, Pilar, up to Algaiarens, and the beaches on the north-east route such as Tusqueta, Pudent, Mongofre, up to Illa den Colom.

For those who prefer short-haul smooth sailing, there is nothing better than Es Grau and Illa den Colom, with the increased fleet of license-free boats! New availability of Voraz 400 and Voraz 450. Reservations are already open so don’t miss a moment of your holiday!


The Capeador 36 Llaut are reconfirmed in Ciutadella and Fornells. Reservations are already open and the dates are already filling up, so, don’t wait booking your excursion with family or friends!

For big groups or for those who love comfort, the Ranger 36 Vintage L’Amo is reconfirmed, this year with new very interesting prices, and the new luxurious Rodman 12.50 Brigantium for exclusive days at sea.


Finally, for sailing lovers, ZULU II, the beautiful, comfortable and performing Oceanis 40 at the port of Mahon, is reconfirmed. It is a very popular boat, don’t wait, reservations are open !!

Of course, for those who want to sail a lot but do not have a license, the skipper-guide service is always available. Mauro will accompany you to the most beautiful corners of the island.

Happy summer!!