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My professional specialty is not selling homes. I am primarily a consultant specializing, unintentionally, in “complicated sales”.

Buying a house is a delicate process that involves many aspects, both bureaucratic and legal. It is understandable that, especially for a foreigner, it is a difficult process, with possible risks involved.

Given my experience acquired as a real estate agent, I am able to provide bureaucratic-legal assistance throughout the purchase process, such as the first negotiation, the drafting of the contract, the verification of the legality of the property (the most important process) , the solution or legalization of any problems, up to the opening of the bank account, the request for the ID, the organization of the signature at the notary, water, electricity, internet, etc.

For the most complicated cases of legal problems I avail myself of the collaboration of a lawyer specialized in real estate, with whom we have resolved any type of problem.

For this reason, I advise all those interested in a real estate purchase to contact me for an informational interview that will clarify all aspects of the path they are about to undertake.

Mauro Tagliabue

Tel. +34 681 615 784

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Mauro Tagliabue

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